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ESTELAR La Fontana Hotel’s Restaurants, in Bogota

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ESTELAR La Fontana Hotel

Restaurants ESTELAR La Fontana Hotel

The service of restaurants of ESTELAR La Fontana Hotel surprises by its care of the treatment in the products, in its offerings, and its presentations. Always playing with the highest quality in each dish and offering the most select ambience.

ESTELAR La Fontana Hotel’s Restaurants, in Bogota

  • Café Colombia

    Café Colombia

    Aromas, flavor of Colombia and tradition gives life in each coffee that is served in this small space where each morning we celebrate the “Martes de encuentro”, with concerts.

  • Restaurant Los Arcos

    Restaurant Los Arcos

    In our restaurant in Bogotá you will be able to have delicious daily breakfast, lunch buffets with rich specialties of the chef, and for closing the day, enjoyment of the special dinners.

  • Bar Glasgow

    Bar Glasgow

    The bar is our favorite corner with a relaxed environment, refreshing drinks, conversations among friends and all the ambience of the plaza next to the hotel.